Machine Maintenance

Keep your worksite safe

Unexpected breakdowns of machines can lead to long-term delays and thus increase the entire construction projects' costs. Moreover, machine failures can introduce safety risks to your worksite, which is why preventing breakdowns by regularly maintaining your fleet is so important. However, depending on the size of your fleet and number of OEMs, that is often easier said than done.  

Specific problem

Maintaining a mixed fleet is challenging and time consuming.

In order to manage your fleet as efficiently as possible, it is important to keep track of the current maintenance status of each of your machines across different OEMs. This includes regular service appointments and building a maintenance plan to prevent unforeseeable machine failures and resulting delays as much as possible. Considering the size of your fleet, trying to monitor it manually is unreasonable if not almost impossible.   

This does not yet include the responsibility of acquiring replacements and spare parts for your machines in need of maintenance. Purchasing these necessary items on a per-machine basis is highly inefficient as well as expensive compared to foreseeing which items you will be needing in the future and buying larger quantities.  

OUR Solution

Schedule your whole fleet's maintenance in advance

Get all your machines’ data integrated into one easily assessable platform, no matter the OEM. Our efficient maintenance solution for mixed fleets will enable you to keep track of all upcoming maintenance tasks across your fleet and integrate each machine’s maintenance service plan, thereby minimizing the risk of breakdowns and machine failures.  

Not only does this allow you to schedule maintenance services for your whole fleet in advance, but also to arrange your replacement and spare part purchases ahead of time. This can decrease costs and improve profits significantly. 

Since our maintenance solution is fully extensible and can easily be integrated into your existing systems to enable automated workflows, manual intervention can be reduced in all steps of your maintenance workflow, making your job not only easier but saving you precious time. 

This will help you maintain a healthy fleet in a time-efficient manner, reduce failure, decrease operational costs, and improve safety. 


Our all-in-one platform works your way no matter how you manage your fleet.  

  • Entire fleet data in a single platform
  • Reduced operational costs through proper maintenance
  • Optimal machine idling
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved cash flow
  • Optimal fuel management
  • Machine use optimization

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