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As a rental or construction company, your fleet seldom consists of only one single brand of machines. Most OEMs provide a telematics solution for their machinery, which allows you to keep track of your fleet and check their data regularly, even for a mixed fleet. However, many OEMs offer their own unique telematics solutions, accessible only via the portal they supply.  

Depending on the size of your fleet and the number of different OEMs, this leaves you with several telematics portals providing data – possibly at varying frequencies or with different metrics – that you must extract from each portal and then harmonize and assess manually. Not only is this procedure inefficient and time-consuming, but it is also prone to errors and could thus also be very costly. In addition, managing data over different platforms can be inconsistent and challenging when making fleet analyses. 

Specific Problem

Are you spending much time compiling information?

Having to access different OEM platforms to find out where your equipment is time-consuming. In addition, manually extracting the necessary data from each platform, converting it to the same metrics/standards, and only then being able to make data-driven decisions for your business is also very labor-intensive.  

Especially in a competitive industry such as construction, time efficiency directly relates to cost. Contingent upon the number of OEMs in a mixed fleet, a solution that eliminates these inefficiencies can also reduce the overall cost of fleet management tasks.

Our Solution

Get the job done faster with a unified view!

There is no need to manage your multi-brand fleet from several telematics portals. With our Mixed Fleet Solution, you can interact with every type of equipment of each OEM in your mixed fleet to retrieve data through AEMP 2.0 standard interface for heavy machinery. At the same time, using our simple trackers and Bluetooth Beacons, we can also import data from other types of equipment, such as hand tools, ladders, and many others. This provides a unified view of your assets in one easily accessible portal. 

Alternatively, we can create a customized integration depending on your individual needs. We collect/aggregate all your fleets’ heterogeneous data, harmonize it, and deliver it in a single place through our DataPortal or anywhere you would like.

  • We collect all your fleets’ heterogeneous data, harmonize it, and deliver it in a single place through our DataPortal or anywhere you would like. 
  • Your IT team does not need to worry about integration, so you can reduce any time and costs related to integration. 
  • Uniform Data using our Data Portal makes it easy to structure your data, gain insights and manage your multi-brand fleet. 
  • Having a unified view portal allows you to locate and track all your equipment quickly, stay up to date with equipment’s maintenance status, and get many other fleet management tasks done. 

Moreover, you can also take advantage of more possibilities we offer by using our APIs and DataPumps. We support your operations by creating custom workflows, integrating data with your existing systems, or building advanced analytics based on your data. 

Our all-in-one platform works your way no matter how you manage your fleet.  

  • Entire fleet data in a single platform  
  • Reduced operational costs through proper maintenance  
  • Optimal machine idling  
  • Increased productivity  
  • Improved ROI  
  • Optimal fuel management 
  • Machine use optimization 

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