Use Case

Save the day by helping increase fleet productivity

Fleet owners are looking to OEMs for tools that will help them decrease the total cost of ownership for their machines by maintaining machine health and improving productivity.

The Problem

Fleet managers need to manage at the level of the entire fleet as well as managing individual machines

Machines need to be up and running to be as productive as possible on the job. Machine owners need to be able to quickly understand which machines are performing and which are idle. Fleet management tools make the task exponentially easier when they are available. 

With this awareness, OEMs can have an impact that increases customer loyalty and brand reputation by providing tools to help customers easily and effectively manage all aspects of machine fleets and individual machines.

The SOlution and Benefits

Offer easy-to-use tools that empowers fleets to be more productive

With our Fleet Cloud solution, including the DataPortal and the Machine Companion App, your customer can see an entire fleet at a glance.

Information such as machine location, DTC errors, upcoming maintenance tasks, and fuel consumption is easy to review. Creating individual fleet dashboards saves time and reveals insights that improve fleet performance, decrease fuel cost, and decrease CO2 emissions.

Our DataPortal's features enable OEMs, dealers and machine owners to geo leash machines, confining them to a specific area, and to assign machines to specific job sites. They can also generate fleet-wide reports for data-based analysis or invoice creation.

Discover the telematics tools for building a fleet management tool for your customers