Help your customers save 10-15% on fuel with telematics

What happens to a machine within operating hours? The answer can significantly impact machine owners' cost, machine efficiency, and the machine's lifespan. 

Telematics enables you to examine your machine's idle time and other critical factors that can help your customers save fuel and reduce costs. 


Idle time can be a large part of machine operating hours and a major driver of fuel waste

What machine owners don't know could be driving up their fuel costs. Of course, OEMs develop, manufacture, and sell fuel-saving machines but can also offer customers a telematics solution, services, and insights to help them to use fuel as efficiently as possible by reducing idle time—a significant contributor to fuel consumption.

The solution

Track and understand fuel consumption for a single machine or an entire fleet with the DataPortal 

The DataPortal offers a number of widgets for analyzing fuel levels and automating threshold notifications, including Counter, Efficiency, and Events Widgets. You can easily customize tracking to focus on the factors most important to you or your customer.

Analysis of operating hours to examine idle times vs. load times can reveal underlying causes for machine inactivity during operating hours. In addition, as an OEM, you can advise the customer regarding which machine modes or operator behaviors can reduce idle time or fuel consumption when a machine is inactive.

OEMs can also analyze fuel consumption across all machines in the field to produce a benchmark that can help customers compare their fuel consumption and see where changes need to be made to increase efficiency during operating times. 

The OEMs' analysis of all machines can also produce tips and even training that can be offered to help customers achieve benchmarks and fuel savings. 

Reduce idle time by using our telematics solution: