Presenting your brand consistently can have an impact on your organization's revenue

Investing in your CI is a message that you are here to stay. Strengthen your company’s image and reputation as a service provider by offering your customers a telematics portal that is customized with your brand.


Your customers need tools, your brand needs exposure

Dealers and machine owners often lack the ability to centrally manage their machines and gain business insights from machine data. As an OEM, you can help by offering a telematics portal that is customized with your brand; yet, requires no development time from your organization. You’ll enhance your brand and your relationship with customers who associate the portal's value and the machine data with your company.


Meet customer demand with one central telematics portal that reflects and reinforces your brand

The DataPortal can be customized with your logo, favicon, corporate colors, and more (white label), using a themes feature that gives your customers the feeling that they are using your product.

With a premium telematics solution like the branded DataPortal, you’re providing a tool that supports your customers with professional machine management and beneficial insights based on telematics. Fleets of machines can be integrated into the portal and assigned to individual organizations, such as dealers and machine owners. With regard to brand communication the "The State of Brand Consistency", published by Lucidpress, reported an average of 33 % in revenue growth when presenting a brand consistently

The portal creates other significant advantages for you and your customer. For example, as an OEM, providing maintenance services which create the opportunity to communicate about machine health and service needs on a more frequent basis. You and your customer can take advantage of various features that enable you to define machine metrics that are important to you and monitor all machines' status and locations at a glance. 

Every time your customer looks at the DataPortal, they see your brand, keeping your business top of mind.

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