Use Case

Drive after-sales revenue by unlocking features that are tailored to customers' needs

It's not cost-effective to manufacture machines with minor differences; yet, your customers' needs can vary considerably. OEMs can satisfy customer requirements without selling them more or less than they need with telematics.


How can one machine efficiently and effectively serve multiple customers with various demands?

While it doesn't make good business sense to manufacture machines with minor differences, establishing different use profiles for a single machine—enabling optional access to specific features—is not only doable. It's smart. 


Instantly respond to the needs of the customer with optional machine profiles

Using a telematics solution connected with the mobile machine, you can adjust or unlock machine performance settings and features remotely via the cellular network. In addition, you can instantly accomplish action APIs, firmware updates, and parameter changes at the request of a customer or dealer from anywhere.

Telematics eliminates the necessity of a technician traveling to a machine's location to unlock features or make firmware updates, reducing this type of service cost. In addition, the ability to conveniently and instantaneously address customer requests opens further business opportunities around creating a selection of standard machine profiles that allow a customer to purchase the functionality and features they need with the option of changing or adding on at a later time for a fee.

Some ideas:

  • Generate more revenue by offering product upgrades with a trial period: An OEM can offer his customer a test period in which the customer can test the full capability of a machine. If a customer wants to buy additional performance profiles for his machine, the OEM can activate the product upgrade remotely.
  • Adjust rental or leasing agreements to the customer's needs: During the term of a leasing or rental agreement, a customer's wishes regarding the machine settings might change. For example, an OEM could offer the option to unlock higher speed capability or power outputs for the forklift. Dealers or rental companies could also activate the machine profiles promptly and flexibly adapt the contract when the customer requests it. 
  • Keep the diversity of the machines low and streamline your business: Manufacture one machine with the full range of features or system components. Offer the machine in various models that differ in available features or locked performance settings. By producing a less diverse group of machines, you could streamline and improve production, planning, pricing, and after-sales service.


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