Basic Tracker

Easy to install, easy to use, easy to monitor your fleet: The Basic Tracker allows you to oversee the location of each machine on your worksite right after its implementation.

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Your affordable way to bring all your machines online

The Basic Tracker offers many benefits to your business.


The Basic Tracker can easily be implemented by plugging it into your machine, no matter the type or OEM. In addition, thanks to wireless connectivity (Bluetooth and GSM) all machines are now online.

Easy to use

Simplicity is key, which is why our Basic Tracker is ready to use right after plugging it in. This plug-and-play functionality lets you connect your machine directly to our DataPlatform.

On and off signals

The ignition signal informs you when the machine is turned on and off, so you can keep track of the operating hours.

Data Availability

We connect the Basic Tracker to our DataPlatform  and deliver the data where you need it. There, important information is made available, like operating hours using the ignition on and off signals.


The Basic Tracker offers an affordable way to update old off-highway machinery and bring it online

Machine Location

Once installed, the Basic Tracker will provide you with the machine's GPS location, allowing you to locate your machinery anywhere, at any time.

How it works

Bringing your equipment online

We connect the Basic Tracker to the Proemion's DataPlatform and deliver the data where you need it, when you need it.  It does not matter how you prefer to monitor your equipment: We deliver your data anywhere you want.

Basic Tracker
Use cases

Equipment Location - GPS Tracking

Though most machines today are equipped with some kind of telematics solutions, some are still not connected to the cloud, especially when the machinery in question is rather old. In order to successfully manage your fleet, however, it is paramount that you know where each of your machines is at any time.

With the GPS tracking provided by the Basic Tracker, the part of your fleet’s equipment that has been invisible before also becomes visible. As a result, you can easily see where your machinery is and thus monitor your worksite efficiently and dependably.


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