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Revolutionizing Data Management in the DataPortal

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As part of our ongoing commitment to streamline data management and eliminate unnecessary complexities you may encounter, we are thrilled to introduce the OEM Signal Catalog – the new heart of the DataPlatform managed directly in the DataPortal. This helpful tool is designed to centralize and standardize signal configurations, offering a robust solution for OEMs.

Streamlined and easy

What is the OEM Signal Catalog?

The OEM Signal Catalog is a groundbreaking feature update to the DataPortal that revolutionizes signal management for OEMs. This tool, launched after the successful Signal Catalog Previewer, allows admins to migrate existing signals or add new ones without conflicts seamlessly. Signals representing machine data, such as operation hours or fuel tank levels, were traditionally defined within PDC files, requiring manual management and uploads. With the new OEM Signal Catalog, everything is centralized on the DataPortal, automatically harmonizing and standardizing signals , including units and languages. This web-based tool serves as a comprehensive dictionary for signals, providing a user-friendly interface for editing and configuring signal properties. By consolidating signal aspects like names, translations, permissions, units, and types, the OEM Signal Catalog significantly streamlines signal management, making PDC-Files smaller and more manageable. This improvement is a crucial step towards a unified, efficient, and error-free approach to signal configuration for OEMs.

Unlocking Efficiency

Benefits of the OEM Signal Catalog

  • Conflict Visualization:
    The tool allows OEMs to visualize conflicting signal definitions, empowering them to create a standardized set of PDCs with standard signals across the whole fleet.
  • Resolution Assistance:
    Bridging the gap between multiple PDCs and a single signal catalog, the tool clearly displays disagreements or conflicts between PDCs, ensuring a unified signal configuration.
  • Motivation for Quality Configuration:
    By detecting and encouraging the resolution of conflicts in PDCs, the catalog motivates users to maintain a high-quality, conflict-free signal configuration.
User-friendly Signal Management

Resolving conflicts and editing signals with ease

The Signal Catalog streamlines signal management, fostering standardized value definitions and effortless conflict resolution. With a user-friendly interface on the DataPortal, editing signal properties, such as key, label, unit, and format, becomes seamless. The tool also aids in resolving conflicts between identical signal keys within active PDC files.  

Users can easily edit a key by selecting "Edit signal" from the menu, allowing them to configure visibility, unit, decimal places, and more, promoting a hassle-free editing process. In the final step, you have the option to specify labels and language, with the flexibility to include additional languages if required.

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A standardized dictionary for all your signals

In summary, the OEM Signal Catalog is a game-changer in data configuration management, providing a unified, efficient, and error-free approach for OEMs. The tool's launch marks a significant step towards a fully web-based process for managing signals, simplifying data configuration, and enhancing the overall user experience on the DataPortal.

If you have any questions regarding this new feature update, do not hesitate to contact us, view our documentation. Additionally, you can learn about migrating to the new catalog in our Migration Guide for the Signal Catalog.

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