Use Case

Give your R&D team clear insight into customer and machine behavior

The everyday demands on machines to which manufacturers should develop and test new models can be unclear. With telematics data, OEMs can get a realistic view of how machines are used in the field, enabling their R&D team to produce new features and models that will resonate with customers more effectively.


OEMs don't really know how their machines are used in the field

The development of new machine models is often a lengthy and cost-intensive investment for OEMs in which machine manufacturers have to manage uncertainty about how their machines are used by their customers.

Machine data from field operations can give OEMs answers to many research and development (R&D) questions (e.g., Should we increase our tank size because our machine has to be refueled too often? Which temperatures are adequate for the specification of the cooling system?). Decreasing uncertainty about the real-world use of machines makes R&D more effective.


Data-driven optimization of your product development and test procedures 

Using telematics data, engineers, developers, and product managers can obtain insights and draw reliable conclusions that are crucial for optimizing current machine models and developing future products.

Our DataPortal allows OEMs to analyze the real-life operation of their machines through collected machine data. You can generate reports with metrics like operating hours and fuel consumption to better understand if machines perform as intended. 

For example, reporting on maintenance tasks can reveal weak points in machine components. Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) show machine malfunctions during operations and give an overall picture of error sources that can help your R&D team design better machines. Historical weather reporting gives you information about how conditions may impact your machine's performance in the field. In addition, to reviewing field data for machine models, you can generate reports to gain more information about the machine's performance during a testing.

Likewise, Proemion's DataPlatform can support OEMs with their R&D-driven analysis by transferring telematics data via REST API and DataPump directly into their data analysis tools. With our Data Science Services, we can help OEMs to improve their data-driven R&D.

Integrating a telematics solution to gain insights that are beneficial for R&D projects enables OEMs to develop better products and improve their test procedures. It can also contribute to a more efficient and cost-optimized product development process and lower manufacturing costs for machines. In the end, better products lead to a stronger reputation for product quality and higher customer satisfaction.

Provide your R&D team a telematic solution to gain insights and develope better products