Øveraasen AS increases efficiency and reduces costs with Proemions Global Connectivity.

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    Manufacturer of snow removal systems and snow clearing equipment for airports.

15%fewer costs of warranty claims25%more operations’ efficiency15%less fuel consumption
The situation

Rapid intervention in winter conditions is absolutely essential in the aviation industry.

The aviation industry has very high demands for safety and availability. With high stakes involved in terms of both safety and economy, it's crucial to know the tarmac conditions and predict how long a snow clearing operation will take. During snow clearing operations, no aircraft can land or take off. Air and land traffic controllers need to know exactly when and which runways and taxiways are safe to use. Many airports seldom have a snowfall, but it puts enormous pressure on snow-clearing operations to clear the snow quickly and efficiently when they do.

The Challenge

Reduction of manual effort in information and data collection.

As a supplier with a total offering for its customers that includes service contracts, Øveraasen must monitor machine usage, fault codes, brush wear, and much more to optimize, plan and perform machine maintenance in a timely and effective manner. Before adopting Fleet Cloud, an airport's snow-clearing office would have to manually monitor the remaining level of consumables and total operating hours and fuel consumption before, during, and after a snow clearing operation. This was managed by visits to each machine or by contacting a machine's driver over the radio. It was also tricky to satisfy reporting requirements related to airport environmental impacts or incidents without historical data related to machine use and location.

Features & Benefits

Vehicles ready for use at any time, thanks to automatic data collection and delivery.

Fleet Cloud is an in-vehicle monitoring system with a simple, user-friendly interface. It records and evaluates relevant data about your snow removal operations. Developed by Øverrasen AS, Fleet Cloud uses a telematics solution from Proemion GmbH as a crucial component in the system to get data from and to their snow removal machines. Because it's a web-based tool, there's never a need to install software locally on your devices. For Øveraasen and its customers, service technicians have remote access to their snow machines wherever they are - thanks to the CANlink mobile device, which integrates the machines' control systems and the Danfoss PLUS+1 Service Tool.

The Fleet Clouds "Fleet overview" is pre-configured to provide a quick overview of your machines, including all necessary data to let you swiftly assess machine statuses, such as cumulative counters for engine hours, alarms, fuel consumption, maintenance indicators, and more. You can see crucial information on each machine and run reports to show everything from fuel consumption to hours of use. Using positioning systems like GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo, you can track your machines and monitor their work activities as plots on a map. 


Improve fleet availability to ensure the safety of all.

The most important outcome is that during winter conditions, the passengers, airline companies, and the airport will have safe runway conditions at a predictable time. And with improved sustainability too. Both Øveraasen and its customers have realized significant, measurable benefits from the implementation of Fleet Cloud. In addition to remote diagnostics, location services, and reporting, Fleet Cloud lets them quickly and easily understand fleet readiness and performance. As a result, Øveraasen has increased revenue by 5% by selling more machines and additional services related to the new solution's reliable connectivity. They've also reduced the cost of warranty claims by 15% by reducing the need for service.

Meanwhile, Øveraasen's customers have optimized their fleets and improved snow-clearing operations' efficiency by 25%. Now, they can verify performed operations and ensure correct servicing of critical areas of the tarmac. Overaasen customers have also increased uptime, reduced fuel consumption, reduced chemical usage, less unplanned maintenance events, and reduced machine-hours resulting in at least a 15% cost reduction. And all in all, these improvements gains in sustainability.

About Øveraasen

Øveraasen is a privately-held company, with headquarters in Gjøvik, Norway, that has designed, developed, and manufactured snowplows, snowblowers, and runway sweepers for more than 80 years. Øveraasen is a major provider of crucial snow-removal systems for major airports around the world.

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