Monitoring and analytics of critical industrial assets

We provide process and product specialists with real-time data from their mobile assets and manufacturing lines so that they can analyze, monitor and predict their systems, ensuring continuous business success.

Your strategic Partner

Our expertise in generating, collecting, and delivering clean, insightful data pushes your business forward.

Generate data

With our hardware built into your machines, you can generate the right data for your business.

Process the data

Display the required data directly and generate a report in no time. Add your own KPIs and thresholds.

Consuming the data

Access via your browser and the responsive construction method allow you to access your data anytime and from anywhere.

Global Telematics for OEMs

Experience a seamless end-to-end solution for OEMs with our comprehensive and transparent advanced telematics solution.

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Local Telematics for OEMs

Unlock wireless access to your machine's CAN data through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity with our cutting-edge telematics solution.

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Telematics for Mixed Fleet owners

Managing your company’s equipment has never been easier – leverage technology to track your machines from one place and increase efficiency through process automation.

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