Billing Process

Transparent invoices based on real data

Tracking the costs for running a worksite or manually handling all the invoices of a construction company or machine rental business can be challenging. Other business units or even customers may be asking for transparency on how these costs are being calculated.


Your tools do not provide a clear view of your machine usage

With the need to check different OEM telematics portals to collect data from machines and the lack of access, many companies face problems calculating the real machine operating costs in a worksite or even preparing invoices for machine rentals.


Usage-based billing will increase satisfaction on all sides

With our Mixed Fleet solution, you can organize all your types of equipment into worksites, projects, or departments reflecting your business structure. We collect data from your assets and intelligently harmonize them into a single portal, or even if you want, we can integrate with your ERP system.

It is known that processing paper-based timesheets may take weeks, preventing your company from issuing invoices. You can automatically assign machines to a specific construction site and collect the relevant machine data using the machine’s GPS position and identification details. Your data quality increases, and since machine data is now readily available, you can issue your invoices faster, improving your cash flow.

More specifically, a rental company can issue invoices to clients faster or even offer billing based on actual hours worked., and equipment owners can use the information to allocate machine use costs to cost centers or projects more efficiently.

With automation in place, you now rely less on manual input and the high costs of the staff required to process physical paperwork. And you can be more transparent with your invoices.

No matter how you manage your fleet, our all-in-one platform works your way securing:

  • An entire fleet data in a single platform
  • Reduced operational costs through proper maintenance
  • Optimal machine idling
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved cash flow
  • Optimal fuel management
  • Machine use optimization

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