Fuel Management

Simple, reliable, and profitable. The way it has to be.

The world is going through significant changes. And more than ever, your fleet's fuel must be managed intelligently and, most importantly, on a single platform to keep your machines running more efficiently and with less waste.

With the Mixed Fleet Solution by Proemion, your organization concentrates in one place all the critical information about the machinery, reducing the time spent collecting them. In addition, it converts weights and measures according to your preference, keeping the database harmonized.


Spend your time making money, not searching for answers.

It doesn't matter the size of your company or the area of expertise. If it does not optimize its processes, the result is always the same: idle timing, inoperative machinery, and delays. The refueling process used to be time-consuming, cost-intensive, and, most of the time, inaccurate. But it's not anymore. If your company has had these problems, it's time to change.


Today, refueling logistics are not guesswork; it is a science. More intelligence, less waste.

With Proemion's Mixed Fleet management solution, you will have all data needed to improve and automate your refueling process.

By integrating multiple telematics portals into one, you will have a unified platform with all the relevant data needed to manage your equipment better and have a deeper understanding of how the refueling process should be.

With a unified view of your entire fleet, you will have access to all information needed for your refueling processes, such as fuel levels, consumption, equipment locations, and many more.  

Indeed, an automated (or even partially automated) refueling management process has the following benefits across your fleet:  

  • Machines report refueling needs directly to dispatch and the fuel supplier.
  • The position of your machines is also sent, reducing time spent searching for your equipment on site.
  • The correct fuel requirement is reported relative to the fill level, the threshold level, and the predicted consumption.
  • The fuel supplier reports refueling digitally via electronic invoice, and a comparison is made between the quantity of fuel supplied and the fill level.
  • Inefficient fueling that’s not in line with demand is eliminated.
  • An efficient digital workflow is created that includes purchase orders, delivers statements, and creates invoices.

No matter how you manage your fleet, our all-in-one platform works your way. 

  • Entire fleet data in a single platform 
  • Reduced operational costs through proper maintenance 
  • Optimal machine idling 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Improved cash flow 
  • Optimal fuel management
  • Machine use optimization

Want to ensure the right amount of fuel delivery and build a robust fuel logistic process?

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