CANlink® wireless 4000

Replace complex cable connections by building affordable wireless CAN bridges on-site using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or BLE connectivity.

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Your affordable entry point to telematics for off-highway machines

Let’s explore some of the many benefits the CANlink® wireless 4000 series has to offer your business.

Modern solution

An easy-to-implement wireless solution that plugs directly into your machines’ CAN bus - replaces outdated and costly physical cable connections with wireless connectivity over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or BLE.

Easy to use

Developed with simplicity in mind, the plug-and-perform functionality of the CANlink® wireless 4000 series makes it easy to create simple and more complex CAN networks for local data exchange.


Low latency bi-directional communication means fast data exchange rates and the functionality to send commands to your machines as well as receiving data to a machine diagnostic app of your choice.


Decide how you want your machines to talk to each other and to your dashboard applications - either via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or BLE. Configure the hardware to your needs via CAN or Bluetooth - the choice is yours.

Simple installation

The CANlink® wireless 4000 comes in a small, light-weight housing and weighs in at a fraction of bulky competitive products. In addition, the Proemion design is proven and optimized for easy installation.


Affordable premium telematics hardware with a high ingress protection rating of IP6k7 - a simple, cost-effective introduction to telematics suitable for any off-highway business and industrial applications.


One product, multiple applications

The CANlink® wireless 4000 plugs directly into your machines’ CAN bus, replacing old-fashioned cables with modern wireless bridges & networks.

It connects up to 8 machines, with configurations including

  • CAN to Service Interface over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or BLE
  • single-point machine to machine (M2M)
  • multi-point M2M (up to eight machines)

Now you can manage multiple machine processes in a single interface to improve overall machine performance and control costs.

Flexible, robust, affordable

Flexible - as Proemion’s state-of-the-art on-site connectivity solution, it enables you to connect your machines’ CAN bus wirelessly via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or BLE.
Two CAN ports that can wirelessly connect two independent buses on different machines; two analog inputs, and one digital output make several field applications possible. Supports dual mode for Bluetooth 2.1 & 5.0 for compatibility with current and older applications

Robust - heavy duty functionality with the high protection class IP6k7. A compact, low-weight solution that exploits the latest technology to deliver solid reliability in a wide range of demanding applications. Manufactured in Germany to the highest standard.

Affordable - the CANlink® wireless 4000 is deliberately designed to be compatible with other Proemion products, such as its precursor the CANlink® wireless 3000 and the CANlink® mobile 3600 series to protect your existing hardware investment. It’s an easy and cost-effective entry point into telematics.

Available models

CANlink® wireless40014003
CAN Ports22
Inputs2 analog2 analog
Outputs1 digital1 digital

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Variant PLUS+1®

Our CANlink® wireless 3000 is available as Danfoss PLUS+1® variant as well.

Contact our Sales team and learn more about the special variant that works with your Danfoss PLUS+1® ECUs.

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