Streamlining Machine Management and Accessibility

Three feature updates for equipment tracking and visibility 

Your DataPortal provides you with the best access and overview of your machinery possible, so we constantly strive to improve it and further enhance your experience. Easy and intuitive usability is key to making your daily DataPortal operations efficient. Moreover, since the data provided in the portal lays the groundwork for every decision you make regarding your fleet – or your business as a whole – giving you all the necessary information at your fingertips is crucial. The following three updates are part of our ongoing mission to improve your equipment tracking and visibility to provide you with the most accurate and reliable data.

Easy Machine Access 

Search for Machines by Serial Number, VIN or PIN

The ability to search for machines by serial number, VIN, or PIN in the reports page offers a game-changing feature in the DataPortal. This enhancement marks a significant step in simplifying your machine management and report-building processes.

In the past, identifying machines on the reports page relied solely on knowing the machine's name and model. However, we understand that machine names can change, making it challenging to pinpoint the exact machine you need. With our new update, you can search for your machines using various identifiers, including their name, serial number, PIN (Personal Identification Number), or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

Enhance your machine overview by searching for your machinery any way you want: by serial number, VIN, PIN, or machine name.

This feature update streamlines machine location identification, allowing you to find the machines you are interested in effortlessly. Whether you have a vast fleet or just a few machines, our advanced search capabilities empower you to quickly and effectively select the machines you want to include in your reports.

This update extends our commitment to providing a user-friendly, efficient, and versatile platform. We are confident that this update will enhance your experience and productivity, making it easier than ever to manage your machines and generate insightful reports. 

Enhanced Machine Monitoring

Improved Visibility of Machine Inactivity 

The update for improved visibility of machine inactivity responds to the needs of our diverse customer base, which includes mixed fleets and third-party-driven users, all of whom share a common goal: ensuring a robust and efficient operational setup.

The challenge of identifying machines that have not communicated by providing fresh data for an extended period, typically exceeding seven days, is a persistent concern. These instances could indicate technical issues, connectivity problems, or machines simply sitting idle. To address this, we are introducing a powerful feature that presents the last time a machine connected and the date and time of the latest data point as filterable attributes. This information is pivotal for identifying potentially stale machines that are no longer active or sending real-time updates. We also integrated this capability into our REST API, making automation and integrations a breeze. Plus, it will be directly accessible via our DataPortal, ensuring that customers can swiftly identify and investigate any machine inactivity concerns. 

Check the time for last contact or last datapoint to see whether any of your machines have been inactive for a prolonged period of time.

Up-to-date on Data

Location Age and Date

Another feature update that significantly improves your machine overview in the DataPortal is location age and date information. It enhances location accuracy and gives users vital context for their location and status data. 

In our DataPortal, you can easily access the last location update, giving you real-time information about when the location data was last updated. If the time since the last update exceeds 8 hours or signals have been received after location updates, we trigger an alert. This alert acts as a warning, signaling that the last location update may be outdated.

With the added indicator of location age and data, you are always up to date on the information provided to you in the DataPortal.

This improvement is born out of real-world challenges faced by our users. Service technicians who end up at the wrong machine location due to reliance on outdated DataPortal information pose a real problem since these delays cost time and money. We understood the critical need to address this issue promptly to prevent such mishaps in the future. Our enhanced location age and date feature will help users avoid such problems by providing clear alerts when location data may be unreliable.


Improved machine management for our customers

These three features are only part of the many small but significant steps we regularly take to enhance your DataPortal experience. Therefore, we are always happy to receive feedback from our customers and support them.  

If you have questions on any of these features, do not hesitate to contact us or go to documentation to learn more about the search for machines by serial no., PIN, or VIN, the improved visibility on machine inactivity, or the location age and date.  

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