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The Assignable Maintenance Task

Feature for efficient service maintenance planning

More and more businesses are heavily invested in digitizing their processes in order to improve and become more efficient and competitive. At the same time, furthering digitization allows many companies to go paperless. This goal ties into the growing trend of environmental responsibility among OEMs and their customers who want to go paperless as part of their ESG and CSR commitments. As such, new features that allow for digitizing more processes or even whole departments are highly sought-after. Ideally, both parties, OEM and customer, benefit from this digitization. 

Plan your resources with the Assignable Maintenance Task Manager

The DataPortal's maintenance feature already opens tasks for regular maintenance services on its own and, if instructed, delivers a weekly email digest to the maintenance manager summarizing all the status changes in their maintenance tasks. However, the task planning still needed to be digitized so far, meaning it was easy to understand all your fleet's upcoming maintenance services. Still, handling your maintenance workload across your team was not possible.  

With the new Assignable Maintenance task manager, you can combine scheduled maintenance with resource planning capabilities. With the latest DataPortal release, maintenance managers can now onboard all their maintenance service technicians into DataPortal and assign them maintenance tasks. This enables Maintenance Managers to plan and track the workload of their team.   

Go paperless and improve your service process

The new Assignable Maintenance Task Manager allows maintenance managers to better plan and track the workload of the service technicians. For example, how many tasks need to be planned, and how many technicians are available? This information is now easily accessible and is considered when assigning maintenance tasks. On the other hand, service technicians have a complete overview of all their tasks, when they are due, and the location where they need to perform the job. Making this part of the maintenance service visible and assessable makes maintenance planning more efficient and allows service departments to maximize the number of maintenance services planned and executed. This process is entirely paperless while at the same time easily assessable by all parties involved.  

Customers benefit from faster service planning and, thus, earlier appointments so that their businesses can perform with as little delay as possible. Also, OEM's can offer their customers to become completely paperless and digitize all maintenance processes, supporting them with their current and future ESG and CSR commitments and goals, which the customers appreciate. This feature is definitely a priority for OEMs looking to improve their operations and stay competitive in the industry. 

Our all-in-one platform works your way no matter how you manage your fleet. 

  • Entire machinery maintenance information in a single platform
  • Easily assessable maintenance status
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reduced operational costs through proper maintenance
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved ROI

If you want more information on how the Assignable Maintenance Task is implemented and works, you can go to the documentation.

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