Product Update

3 New Updates for Maintenance Task

Improve your maintenance service with the Machine Maintenance Task History, the Completion Note, and the Maintenance Checklist.

These three new features for the maintenance task will  

  • Streamline the maintenance process  
  • Make maintenance more transparent
  • Improve communication with your customers
  • Boost customers’ trust

Regular maintenance services are a crucial part of the after-sales department and allow you to interact with your customers regularly. Therefore, it is the perfect opportunity to show that you are a reliable partner supporting their customers’ needs with excellent service experience. Part of that is creating a process that is entirely digitized and, therefore, efficient, fast, and easily assessable.  

We at Proemion constantly strive to optimize the service maintenance function of the DataPortal to improve your workflow and make your job easier. If you want to level up your maintenance service for your business and your customers, there is no way around integrating these three new features into your DataPortal. They will make the process more transparent and keep everyone involved in what is currently happening. Take control of the maintenance service with these updates to support the customer and keep them updated and engaged so that they know you have their best interest in mind. 

Maintenance Task History

With the Maintenance Task History feature, you can make the maintenance process visible and more transparent. Follow up on all the tasks along the way – completely digital. When a maintenance service is due, different tasks need to be performed in the DataPortal, which are then tracked by the Maintenance Task History.

This update helps the maintenance manager to oversee the process and keep track of the maintenance appointments for each machine.

This makes the process more efficient because no maintenance task is accidentally overlooked, and the maintenance manager and the customer can keep track of the current service status and what has already been done previously.

Completion Note

Add another communication layer between your service department and customers with the Completion Note feature.

This feature allows you to briefly inform your customer of anything important that came up during the service appointment, like additional tasks that were performed or notes on the machine. For example, suppose during maintenance, an additional spare part needs to be replaced; therefore, the bill will be higher.

In that case, this can be mentioned here to avoid unpleasant surprises for the customer. Other examples would be observations about the machine that are helpful for the owner.

The Completion Note is optional and will be included in the final report to offer full transparency where necessary.

Maintenance Service Checklist

The Maintenance Service Checklist concludes the maintenance service and allows your service technicians to show your customers which services were performed during maintenance.

For example, inform your customers whether you exchanged the fuel filter, replaced a spark plug, or fixed the air conditioner. By adding this information, you provide your customers with details about their machines and the maintenance service performed that could be useful to them and their business.

Again, transparency is key when communicating with your customers to build and keep their trust.


Regular maintenance services give you the opportunity to maintain not only your machinery but also your customer relationship. In addition, further developing and improving communication with your customers with these three features in this department allows you to show your customers that they can trust you and that you are ready to support and help where necessary.

You can find more information in the documentation on how to implement the Maintenance Task History, the Completion Note , and the Maintenance Service Checklist, as well as detailed information on how they work.

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