Proemion FAQs about the discontinuation of 3G (UMTS) mobile radio technology and how we can help.

With this article, we want to provide you with an overview of the potential impact of the discontinuation of support for 3G and how Proemion can help you with the process of transitioning to 4G technology.

We’ve collected these frequently asked questions to help you understand the transition process.

Because of the introduction of emerging technologies, including 4G (LTE) or 5G, and the limited number of radio frequency bands available, telecommunications providers need to discontinue support for older technologies like 2G or 3G. These older technologies are replaced by the new standards, which support higher data rates. This transition may impact existing IoT enabled fleets using Proemion CANlink mobile TCUs for communication.

There’s no information available about when 3G will be discontinued globally. We do have some dates, but they are not exact. For example: in Germany, 3G will be discontinued mostly by the end of June 2021. In the United States, 3G will be discontinued after December 31, 2021.

Proemion can help by finding out specific dates for 3G network discontinuation for particular countries. Please contact our support team with specific questions. A list with the known 3G sunset dates can be found on our website, which we will update as new information becomes available.

Our current CANlink mobile 3000 / 5000 devices support 2G and 3G technology in countries where 3G networks are shut down(e.g., Germany). Generally, 2G networks will remain active as a fall-back option. In states that have already switched off 2G technology, 3G support is expected to continue for a longer time.

With both 2G and 3G, regular DataPlatform communication is possible without any significant impact. Depending on the application and environment, Real-Time diagnostics sessions may be slightly slower, mostly due to higher latency times (time delay in the initiation of a session) when using 2G connections. Proemion-provided SIM cards are not affected by 2G and 3G technology discontinuation and will remain operational.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you switch to 4G technology as soon as possible.

4G-enabled devices are available within our CANlink mobile 3000 product family. All models of the CANlink mobile 3000 series are pin-compatible, and the migration of configurations is easy. CANlink mobile 3477 and 3577 support a collection of frequency bands mainly used in Europe (3477) and North America (3577). These products are in production and can be ordered immediately.

To overcome the limitation of regional variants, Proemion is finalizing the new CANlink mobile 3600. This product will support a global range of 4G frequencies so that regional variants will no longer be required. This new product will be available in Q1-2021. Please contact your sales account manager for more information.

In some rare cases, devices may no longer connect to the mobile network and DataPlatform due to the 3G sunset. In these cases, a 4G enabled replacement device can be mounted on the machine. Proemion will transition your existing data plan to the new device.

No, for data plans with Proemion SIM, the same conditions apply. There are no additional costs for 4G support

Proemion recommends switching to CANlink mobile products supporting 4G technology as soon as possible. If possible, the transition should be made directly to the CANlink mobile 3600 product family since this new product will not require regional variants for most of the world. The CANlink mobile 3600 will be available in Q1-2021.

If you doubt which product variant is the correct replacement for your current model and how the transition process will be carried out, please contact your sales account manager.

For further questions on this topic, please contact us.

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