Personalization can improve sales by 10%

To be successful in sales, you have to know what the customer needs and how to meet that need. Making personalized buying recommendations with data-based insight about your client's machine fleet performance can improve sales metrics and increase machine turnover.

The Problem

It isn't easy to close deals that are based on assumptions about your customer

To successfully sell products to machine owners, it's crucial to offer the customer what he needs. Convincing the customer to buy can be extremely difficult if your argument is based on generalities or assumptions. 

With data-based insights into the customer's machine use and fleet performance, it's easier to make a solid and compelling case for a sale.  


Making informed recommendations can boost sales and help you earn your customer's trust

As Harvard Business Review reports, personalization in marketing can increase sales by 10% or more - so why not achieve this with customer-specific product recommendations?

You can generate reports to study various aspects of your customer's machine use, such as:

  • How old is the customer's machine fleet? Do older machines need to be replaced in the next 6-12 months?
  • Does the customer use "heavy work" machines for simple work too often?
  • What is the fuel consumption of the customer's fleet? Would new fuel-saving models complement the customer's machine fleet?

With data and machine metrics in hand, you have insight into how your customer uses his machine fleet and can offer him expert advice on which new machines would make jobs easier or which of his existing machines need to be replaced. 

This information can help you win sales and, more importantly, earn your customer's trust by showing that you are not simply trying to sell him a product but are truly trying to help him solve problems and support him in his business. 

Start consulting your customers with data-based offers delivered through our Global Connectivity Solution: