Use Case

Increase sales of your high-margin original spare parts with telematics

After the warranty period, customers often migrate to third-party spare parts, which can threaten your market share. You can use telematics as a tool to keep communications going with the customer after the warranty period, help stop migration to third parties, and increase sales of your original spare parts.


Ongoing maintenance services is key to a long-term customer relationship

During the warranty period, an OEM has the opportunity to build a good relationship and loyalty with customers that can last the lifetime of a machine by adding value with a telematics-driven maintenance solution.

OEMs have access to customers’ telematics data and can combine machine data and features such as maintenance tasks to encourage the sale of original spare parts and consumables, such as oil and air filters, tires, and shovel teeth, of a machine.

But, when a warranty period ends, your relationship with the customer can suffer if you don’t have a long-term plan in place to retain the business with the customer.

THE SOLUTION and Benefits

Offer new service options to post-warranty customers

Nobody knows the individual components of your machines better than you. Use this knowledge combined with collected telematics data to offer your customers additional services or access to telematics, even after the warranty period.

You can improve customer satisfaction and retention, as well as your reputation with telematics-based strategies that help boost your spare parts business. Some examples might include:

  • Extending telematic access outside the warranty period as an incentive to customers who buy original products or maintenance services.
  • Offer automated maintenance management, enabling you to check which machine parts need to be replaced based on maintenance schedules, even before your customer thinks about it.
  • Implement maintenance notification about upcoming maintenance tasks with listing all needed spare parts and consumables. In the DataPortal's maintenance tasks you can even include links to your webshop so the customer can easily purchase necessary products.
  • Offer your customer, after a predefinend threshold, e.g., number of operating hours, has been exceeded or an event series of e.g. specific DTCs has been occured, an automatic shipment of replacement parts or consumables before they are at risk of a negative machine performance or breakdown. This will be convenient for your customer and will help them to avoid downtime and unnecessary loss of working hours on the job.

Start with your telematics-based strategy today