Terex Fuchs

Terex Fuchs' demands on their telematics portal set new standards.

  • Customer

    Terex Fuchs

  • Solution

    Global Connectivity

  • Industry

    Material Handling & Loading Machines

Initial situation

Terex Fuchs' proprietary fleet management portal was well received by customers but was expensive to maintain

Terex Fuchs is a Proemion customer who had been using the DataPortal for a long time with many unique features explicitly customized for the business, including machine capacity and fuel consumption reporting. Many of the features Proemion customized for Terex Fuchs’ proprietary solution were very popular with Terex Fuchs’ customers; however, the solution was time-consuming and expensive to maintain.

To enable Terex Fuchs to switch to the new and more modern version of the DataPortal, Proemion started to include features in the standard version that were once customization for Terex Fuchs. This created a win-win situation in which Terex Fuchs could switch to the new standard version of the Proemion solution, realizing time and cost savings. In addition, other customers could benefit from the once available features only to Terex Fuchs.


Terex Fuchs’ proprietary DataPortal inspires new standard features

The new DataPortal provides four additional areas of insight - efficiency, maintenance, Diagnostic trouble code history, and fuel loss - that were initially part of Terex Fuchs custom solution. 


Proemion extended its new version of the DataPortal so that all signals provided by a machine can now be selected and evaluated to calculate machine efficiency. In addition, the customer can get an overview of the total fleet in different display formats as well. For example, customers can view the fuel consumption in different machine modes, such as Eco Mode, Power Mode or Idle Mode, to see how efficient the machine is at other tasks. Customers can have a utilization report with granular detail generated in the portal and make comparisons by selecting various machines. Individual elements can be selected so the customer can get the view he wants for his purposes. This gives customers insight into optimizing their fleets around important parameters they choose, such as fuel consumption.

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) History

Machine errors can be transferred to the portal whenever they occur. This type of event, rather than cyclical, reporting means a problem can be detected and addressed immediately. Furthermore, errors are no longer displayed via error numbers in the DataPortal but by a text error message with an icon that further communicates the issue (e.g. air conditioner filter clogged). This is possible because the new portal uses a script to translate the numbers in the machine data into text. In addition, the error history can also be displayed (e.g. which errors did the machine show in the past 30 days).


The latest version of the DataPortal can show when the next maintenance task is required. In addition, it allows Proemion customers to add appropriate descriptions for the service needed in each case. This enables the company to describe the necessary maintenance checks in more detail or even link the customer to documentation, an e-commerce site for original spare parts or other places. For example, the DataPortal can show the customer a notification for upcoming maintenance tasks with a link to go directly to another site to schedule a service or buy necessary parts. This drives compliance with maintenance schedules, engagement, and customer loyalty, which can increase profit margins in replacement parts.

Fuel Loss

Using an efficiency widget, Proemion has replaced static fuel consumption reports with the ability to monitor fuel use during various machine activities (e.g. off, idle or active). The DataPortal customer can examine trends over time and even calculate fuel loss. If fuel loss is detected, for example, when a machine has not been used, the customer can see a maintenance issue and correct it.


A better DataPortal for all customers

Proemion is a partner and service provider who works with customers to implement standard and custom solutions and learns from their experiences. Some features of the new DataPortal result from Proemion’s partnership with Terex Fuchs, a demanding customer that has helped advance the solution for all customers. The latest version of the DataPortal is more than a tool for visualizing machine data. It has computing capacity and presents meaningful metrics and topics in a more practical, tangible way with colors and illustrations that improve communication.

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