Use Case

Easily detect and diagnose errors on your construction site and significantly reduce machine downtime

Machine downtime due to unforeseen errors is a massive problem for construction worksites. With local connectivity, you can run diagnostics on your heavy machinery and identify the error without stopping it, potentially jeopardizing your schedule.

  • Solution

    Local Connectivity

  • Result

    Increase worksite safety and reduce machine downtime

The Problem

Shutting off machinery for diagnostics causes downtime and delays

Construction worksites run on a strict schedule, which is why machine errors and the resulting downtime can critically impact the project's profitability.

Usually, when an error occurs, the technician must stop the machine to be able to run diagnostics and see where the issue lies. This is particularly annoying when the machine is actually still running and performing its task despite the error.

Shutting the machine off to diagnose the error on-site can cause significant delays. Moreover, depending on the area of the worksite and the type of machine, having to inspect the machine first-hand can be a potential hazard and increase the risk of accidents and injuries.

The SOlution and Benefits

Facilitate construction site diagnostics with local connectivity

Local telematics connectivity enables technicians to run diagnostics on heavy machinery without stopping the machine. Moreover, as there is no need to connect cables to the machine, service technicians can perform the diagnostics from a safe distance while the machine is still in operation. Via Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi, technicians can remotely access the machine’s sensors, control units, and other data points to diagnose any issues – all while the machine is still in operation.

This process significantly reduces downtime since the machine does not need to be shut off to perform diagnostics, which saves money and minimizes delays. It also increases safety for technicians because they do not have to get close to the respective machinery to diagnose the error.

Furthermore, this approach can also improve the accuracy of the diagnostic process and prevent future errors. Technicians can monitor the machine's performance in real-time and analyze the data they collect to identify potential issues and address them before they become major problems. This can help extend the lifespan of the machinery, improve its efficiency, and ultimately save construction companies money

Benefits of diagnostics with local connectivity
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduce downtime and delays
  • Increase overall productivity
  • Increase safety for technicians
  • Improve the accuracy of the diagnostic process
  • Detect potential issues early
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