Case Study


How CIFA used our flexible telematics solution to provide their customers with a professional, remote monitoring system worldwide.

  • Customer

    CIFA S.p.A.

  • Solution

    Global OEM Telematics

  • Industry

    Machines for production, transport and placing of concrete


Competitive telematics solution replaced after a 9-month trial

Before partnering with us, CIFA had a telematics solution from one of our competitors in place. However, after a 9-month trial project, it was decided it lacked the flexibility required.

CIFA needed a solution with sufficient flexibility to accurately monitor the machines they manufacture and sell through their dealer network. They have a significant competitor in the concrete machinery industry. Therefore, the right solution had to help them differentiate themselves from their competition. They achieved this by providing specific fleet data that delivers added value to machine owners and comprehensive diagnostics to dealers.

With Proemion, we have found a partner with whom we want to connect to the future. We are now closer to customers, connected to our machines and our dealer's network with a professional service for fleet management, remote diagnosis, and preventive maintenance. We are looking forward to the next steps to accomplish our digitalization journey with Proemion. We feel we are in good hands - this could be a never-ending classic project.

Gianmarco Ronco 
CIFA Marketing Manager

CIFA vehicles equipped with our mobile solution at the point of manufacture

CIFA's vehicles were equipped with our CANlink® mobile telecommunications control unit (TCU), the gateway to our DataPlatform in the cloud. CANlink® mobile incorporates a built-in SIM card that enables machines to transmit comprehensive machine data, via the mobile network, to our DataPlatform.

Unlike some other "add-on" solutions, the CANlink® mobile is connected directly to the machine's CAN bus during manufacture.

Due to deep machine integration, CIFA and its end users can take full advantage of the benefits a direct CAN bus connection offers, such as low cost, bi-directional communication, edge computing, and security by design.


Configurability, functionality, and superior support

CIFA is extremely satisfied with how our global connectivity solution meets its existing requirements. They are also keen to explore the many additional features and benefits our solution offers going forward.

They like that they can access all their telematics requirements from a single source. In collaboration with our team, they have the flexibility to develop new solutions to meet their customers' specific requirements.

Here are just some of the successful outcomes CIFA has experienced since partnering with us:

Our dashboard lets CIFA fully customize widget layout and other parameters just as they wish. They can configure a standard widget layout to make it easier to speak to their customers and troubleshoot machine problems.

We call the API-first functionality that underpins our connectivity solution "global connectivity." Our approach means complete hardware flexibility across the CANlink® mobile TCU interface and our DataPortal. CIFA can retrieve machine data from the CANlink® mobile and send it wherever they want to use it in their business. The API interface works bi-directionally, so they can also send commands to their machines via REST-API and the DataPortal (something they plan to do in the future).

CIFA has experienced a significant uplift in its support since partnering with us. We treat all our customers equally, whereas their trialed solution had a two-tier system that favored their largest customers. It was also noted that requests, such as developing a new widget for their dashboard, could take as long as two years - this is, obviously, unworkable for any company.

CIFA can monitor machine performance and how much concrete is planted per day, week, month, and year. They can also oversee fuel consumption, hours worked, and the distance covered for each job. They don't need to understand these numbers on a "second-by-second" basis, and our solution allows them the flexibility to monitor at a level specific to their requirements.

What CIFA is doing with our solution at the moment is just the first step and not their ultimate goal. They're developing their future direction and are confident they can rely on us to support them, whatever their needs are. CIFA is investing significant time and resources to work together with our team. They have already implemented a complete white label solution and preliminary maintenance model with support from Proemion.

Our solution ensures that CIFA's Italian customers can benefit from Italy's Industria 4.0 Masterplan for Growth as their machines meet the required standards on interconnectivity, automation, use of machine learning, and real-time data. This means that end-users can now qualify for tax benefits from the Italian government.

our products

What did CIFA need to achieve success?


Flexibility for future development

Working in partnership with CIFA, we have jointly identified the functionality that's most useful to them right now. Of course, many of our customers are aware of using our solution for fleet management, a typical use case, but our solution has the capacity to go far beyond this core functionality.

Looking to the future, CIFA is keen to explore our solution's extended functionality. They plan to extend our solution to all the machine models they produce and include maintenance requirements. They also plan to use Proemion's Service Cloud to support their service department with the remote changing of machine parameters.


About CIFA

Headquartered in Italy, CIFA has 700 employees and is represented by a global sales and service network of 80 dealers. In addition, they have production facilities and branches established in all strategic markets, including Italy, Germany, France, China, Mexico, Dubai, and the USA.

CIFA has been a technological leader in the concrete supply chain and construction equipment market since 1928. They design and manufacture a complete range of machines to produce, transport, and place concrete.

CIFA is committed to safety, machine performance improvement, increased productivity, and ease of operation with its award-winning European design technology.

Notable achievements
  • Over 60,000 truck mixers and truck-mounted pumps sold
  • 60 patent families for their materials, technologies, and systems
  • 1974 - invented the truck mixer pump
  • 2010 - patented the first carbon-fiber-made boom
  • 2013 - the first hybrid mixer truck - the forerunner of the Energya hybrid range
  • 2019 – the first hybrid pump mixer

CIFA has won three prestigious awards for product design:

  • Energya E9 - RedDot Design Award Winner 2014
  • Coguaro 4 - RedDot Design Award Winner 2015
  • CSSE - RedDot Design Award Winner 2017

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