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KAESER Compressors

How KAESER Compressors uses telematics to support customers and gain business insights.

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    KAESER Compressors

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    Global Connectivity

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Telematics helps KAESER meet customer demand for reliability, service efficiency, and new products

KAESER Compressors manufactures compressed air and vacuum products, including rotary screw compressors and oil-less reciprocating compressors. They implemented Proemion Global Connectivity when demand from their customers for telematics solutions increased. Some KAESER customers are rental companies for whom the condition of equipment on construction sites is critical.

With Global Connectivity, KAESER customers now have a pre-installed telematics solution they can depend on from Day 1. Remote error analysis via the DataPortal is available from anywhere, providing important details about the status of the rental equipment and helping address problems before they occur, decreasing downtime, and loss of use. When equipment needs onsite service or repair, GPS localization gets maintenance support there quickly. Also, thanks to remote error analysis, a technician can know prior to being onsite whether a spare part is necessary and if equipment needs to be recalled for repair or can be serviced onsite.

KAESER is able to use machine data generated by their customers to provide on-going support, including telematics software updates and new features, and to gain insight for the development of new equipment and service offerings.


Think long term

Don’t get locked out of your machines by leaving the selection and implementation of a telematics solution to your customer. As an OEM, when you provide Proemion telematics solutions as a standard part of your product offering, you are ensuring that you have access to machine’s data and its value to your business long after machines leave your facilities and are put into service.

By using telematics hardware, KAESER helps its customers to optimize operations and costs and, of course, to plan and carry out service optimally at almost any location. We presented our first telematics system in 2013. KAESER now offers advanced technology that our customers can choose from for all electronically controlled MOBILAIR systems.

Uwe Grundmann
Manager Production center “Mobile construction compressors”
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