Use Case

Performing service tasks remotely saves 20-30% on travel costs 

With conventional diagnostic systems, service technicians have to travel to a machine's location to perform machine diagnostics via a direct cable connection between the machine and a PC. Of course, needing to be onsite with the customer generates high travel and personnel costs. It also keeps customers waiting. You can decrease costs and improve customer satisfaction with remote service.


Onsite service tasks generate unnecessarily high after-sales costs

Many OEMs are already taking advantage of remote diagnostics to make onsite service more efficient. Without the benefit of foresight and planning, when a technician arrives at a customer site, he may realize that he needs a spare part that is not on hand and that the repair will require a rescheduling and an additional visit. In other situations, a technician may have to spend more time at a customer site because of unforeseen factors that remote diagnostics would have revealed ahead of time. Then, his schedule is thrown off, inconveniencing other customers. 

For OEMs, the unwanted results of conventional diagnostics are after-sales costs that could be avoided, as well as decreased customer satisfaction. The consequence can be much more severe for your customer and include machine downtime and the potential for lost revenue while waiting for a service technician to arrive and the service case to be solved.


Avoid service visits, decrease your travel costs and improve customer relationships

When you implement remote service in your workflow, your dealers’ and customers’ machines are only a mouse-click away. With our telematics control unit (TCU), the CANlink® mobile, you can remotely connect with the ECU of your machine from anywhere in the world.

Your service technicians can establish a connection between the machine controller and the service tool to read and manage machine data. Now, your service technicians can respond promptly to service requests, increasing customer satisfaction with your service offerings. In many cases, diagnostics can be performed while the machine is still running. This allows errors to be identified quickly and reduces machine downtime for the machine owner.

Many diagnostic and service tool options

You can use the Proemion Remote Service Tool as a diagnostic tool for monitoring CAN data or use your existing service tool (Danfoss PLUS+1® Service Tool, BODAS-service software) by using our CANlink® mobile variants.

Advantages for your business

Remote diagnostics allow you to better plan resources and to further reduce costs by limiting the need for staff training. You can minimize service technician training costs by training a core group on remote service for new machine models. You can also plan staffing and spare parts in stock more efficiently by understanding what each job entails, which spare parts are needed and which service technician needs to be deployed to complete a call. Based on our customers’ feedback, OEMs can save 20-30 % on travel costs while providing a better service experience for machine owners.

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