Telematics solution for PLUS+1® compliant ECU

Proemion’s Global CAN Diagnostics solution for the Danfoss PLUS+1® Service Tool enables remote real-time access to your PLUS+1® compliant electronic control unit (ECU) from anywhere, reducing after-sales costs.

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Remote functionality for PLUS+1® Service Tool

Without a remote telematics solution, reading out data and configuring machines equipped with Danfoss PLUS+1® hardware requires a direct CAN-to-PC cable connection.

This inflexible process results in high travel and service costs for OEMs and the loss of the customer’s time. For customers, when a job schedule is disrupted because of a machine breakdown, every hour of lost use means lost revenue.

Proemion’s remote real-time  telematics solution is compatible with Danfoss PLUS+1® hardware and Service Tool, eliminates the need for onsite cable connections, and reduces service expenses and loss of use.

Initial situation:

PLUS+1® Service Tool Integration

The CANlink® mobile Var. PLUS+1 telematics unit connects remotely with the PLUS+1® compliant ECU of your machine, enabling bi-directional data transfer with the PLUS+1® Service Tool.

The application enables remote configuration of parameters and performance settings, machine fine-tuning, troubleshooting, and software updates. Because Proemion telematics firmware is tuned to the service application, no coding skills are needed for setup. 

The CANlink® mobile 3600 Var. PLUS+1

Our CANlink® mobile 3600 Var. PLUS+1 is available in multiple product variants that offer different features, such as external/internal antennas, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and internal battery.

Additional strengths of the PLUS+1®-compatible CANlink® mobile 3600 at a glance:

  • Global 4G coverage, making regional variants obsolete
  • LTE (Cat 4) module with fallback to 3G/2G
  • Embedded SIM for global cellular communication
  • Dedicated security chip

The CAN-based telematics device connects a machine with the PLUS+1® Service Tool via a cellular network. It uses Proemion's DataPlatform for message routing. The device comes with a PLUS+1® matched firmware, so a plug-and-perform deployment is possible, saving valuable time and money. 

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Available models 

CANlink® mobile Var. PLUS+1361136513617365736373677
CAN Port(s)
eSIM Card
Global 4G (Cat 4)

 About the PLUS+1® Service Tool

The free application PLUS+1® Service Tool allows accessing the PLUS+1® controller. By using the RP1210B WS Danfoss Telematics gateway within the application, a remote connection can be established.

The application provides a safety mechanism, so only users with write access permission can alter machine settings.  

With the broad range of existing functionalities, many tasks can be achieved, and data can be downloaded directly onto the PLUS+1® controller:

  • Perform machine diagnostics;
  • Adjust machine parameters;
  • Initiate firmware updates (over-the-air-update). 

Views from the PLUS+1 Service Tool

Watch a demo to learn more

See how easily you can connect your mobile machine with the Plus+1® Service Tool in this step-by-step video demonstration.


Reduce after-sales costs with remote service

The remote functionality for Danfoss PLUS+1® controllers eliminates the need for service technicians to perform onsite diagnostics, saving travel expenses and labor hours. The worldwide access to the PLUS+1® Service Tool not only permits a quick reaction to customer requests, such as changing machine settings but, above all, helps to establish a unique customer proximity and high customer satisfaction.  

  • Remotely diagnose your machines
  • Prevent travel for machine troubleshooting
  • Direct integration in current Danfoss PLUS+1® Service Tool
  • Perform over-the-air-updates (firmware and individual parameters)
  • Additional feature data logging available for advanced troubleshooting

Savings per service case

You can save $1,200 per service case!

This exemplary calculation includes typical service costs such as airfare, hotel costs, and service technician costs. It does not include the cost-specific impact of machine downtime on the machine owner's side. 

See how our customers benefit from Proemion's PLUS+1® remote service solution: