Case Study


How Doppstadt manages service and actively engages customers with Proemion’s DataPlatform

  • Customer


  • Solution

    Global Connectivity

  • Industry

    Recycling machines

Initial situation

Leaving maintenance to chance increased risk and cost for Doppstadt and their customers

Doppstadt faced two challenges: first, they had no insight into which machines were due for service or would require maintenance soon, and second, they depended on the customer to schedule service appointments proactively. Doppstadt used a ticket system for the internal processing of service and maintenance work. While using the Global Connectivity telematics solution for several years to support their service department, the two systems were strictly separated from each other.

The Solution

Creating transparency and enabling Doppstadt to take control of its maintenance service

The Proemion DataPlatform’s maintenance feature and the API integration into their existing ticket system enabled Doppstadt to use collected machine data in coordination with their ticket system to meet service challenges.

The operating hours of the Doppstadt machines are transmitted to the DataPlatform via the mobile network using the Proemion TCU (CANlink mobile). The cloud stores the operating hours and, as soon as a preset value is exceeded, a new ticket is created in the Proemion DataPortal. The ticket is visible to the machine owner, so they are aware of the upcoming service. Simultaneously, the service technician’s ticket is made in the Doppstadt ticket system using the REST API. The API interface works bi-directionally, so the real-time service status is relayed to the customer via the DataPortal.

The Outcome

Doppstadt’s active customer approach leads to increased sales and higher rates of customer satisfaction

Doppstadt’s new maintenance process benefits both their business and their customers’ businesses by decreasing machine downtime.  

  • Timely maintenance reduces the risk of machine failure.
  • By tracking maintenance schedules and prompting customers to make service appointments, Doppstadt services more of their machines and sells more of their spare parts, returning a good profit margin.
  • Doppstadt can set service appointments proactively to help ensure the work is done and billed by their own service technicians.
  • Pre-planning makes it easy to plan service technicians’ routes or to ensure their workloads.
  • Presentation of service information in the DataPortal increases customer satisfaction and transparency.
  • Service technicians can work in their familiar service ticket system without introducing a new tool or retrain.

About Doppstadt

Doppstadt is a modern enterprise with tradition. In 1965 Werner Doppstadt founded an agricultural company at Velbert, which today is a worldwide leading partner in environmental technology.

Competent, highly motivated employees plan, realize and produce recycling machines and plants - mobile and stationary - for processing various materials such as waste wood, garbage, industrial waste, biowaste, excavated earth, and green waste.

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