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Three Essential Updates for Enhanced Workflow and Customer Satisfaction

As we strive for continuous improvement in our DataPortal and Maintenance Feature, our primary objective remains empowering OEMs to provide unparalleled service excellence to their customers. To achieve this goal, we introduce three distinct feature updates. Each enhancement has been meticulously crafted to optimize your workflow and enhance your valued customers' daily operations.

Internationalizing Maintenance Task

Our latest update prioritizes the internationalization of maintenance tasks, allowing users to view task details in their preferred language. With this enhancement, OEMs enable Dealerships and Machine Owners to access maintenance task titles, descriptions, activities, and link labels in their preferred language, ensuring a personalized and user-friendly experience.

Key Benefits:

  • Maintenance task descriptions and activities available in users' preferred language
  • Localization is supported for all languages
  • Enhanced user experience for Dealerships and Machine Owners worldwide

Maintenance planned vs. unplanned

This feature update aims to simplify the maintenance task management for OEMs and dealerships. In response to the growing complexity of maintenance workflows and the need for greater flexibility in task tracking, we have implemented significant enhancements to our solution.

This update addresses several key challenges maintenance teams face, including the need for more nuanced task states beyond the conventional Open (Upcoming, Overdue) and Closed (Skipped, Completed) statuses. By expanding the range of available states to the unplanned status, we provide a more comprehensive view of task progress and urgency, enabling teams to prioritize effectively and allocate resources efficiently.

Key Benefits:

  • Expanded range of task states to reflect evolving progress and urgency.
  • Improved task clarity and prioritization, leading to more efficient resource allocation and streamlined operations.
  • Increased transparency for OEMs, dealerships, and machine owners

DataPortal in the Czech Republic

Our DataPortal is now available in Czech, reflecting our commitment to providing top-notch telematics solutions tailored to local needs. This expansion encompasses both the web-based DataPortal and our mobile app, ensuring seamless access to essential features in the Czech language.

If you are interested in using Czech language support, contact your OEM or us for assistance.

Learn more

If you have questions on any of these features, do not hesitate to contact us or go to documentation to learn more about the Internationalizing Maintenance TaskMaintenace planned vs. unplanned, or DataPortal in Czech .

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