Online maintenance planning reduces downtime up to 50%

Many OEMs continue to use paper-based maintenance plans and records. Unfortunately, without the ability to track actual machine use, maintenance cycles based on operating hours are not strictly followed. This leaves your customers vulnerable to costly machine damage or downtime that could be avoided.


Paper-based planning leaves maintenance cycles up to guesswork

While OEMs often provide a maintenance schedule for each machine model in a digital format, tasks are still commonly planned and recorded using paper-based or semi-digital processes. OEMs are missing out on automated notifications that a telematics-based maintenance tool can provide. 

Without the benefit of machine data to track actual machine use alongside maintenance schedules, your customers are left vulnerable to costly machine damage or downtime because maintenance cycles based on operating hours are not strictly followed.


Digitally transform maintenance processes to keep machines on the job

Based on our customers' feedback, implementing online maintenance can reduce downtime by up to 50%.

By taking advantage of either the capabilities of either the DataPortal or the DataPlatform, OEMs, and dealers can improve their after-sales service. Machine data enables the proactive planning and monitoring of the maintenance status of customers' machine fleets.

You can get in touch with the customer ahead of time and even schedule service technician when a task is imminent. For machine owners, the end result is less worry about monitoring upcoming repairs and better performance and reliability from their machines.

The DataPortal and DataPlatform both allow you to implement machine data-based maintenance tasks based on your maintenance schedules. The choice is up to you.

  • Use the DataPortal's maintenance tasks feature to get an overview of all maintenance tasks and to set up email notifications; or
  • Use the DataPlatform's API to generate automated maintenance tasks in your existing maintenance ticket system.


Benefits for OEMs
  • Maintenance schedule compliance
  • Improved after-sales processes through better planning and documentation of maintenance
  • Lower maintenance costs due to more efficient workflows and resource planning
  • Higher workshop turnover for dealers
  • Intensify the contact with your customers and contact them to arrange appointments for upcoming tasks
Benefits for your customers
  • Less machine downtime and repair costs for machine owners as less required maintenances are missed or delayed
  • Less negative impacts on productivity as maintenance slots can be planned more accurately

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